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The Market

The Forex (Foreign Exchange) Market is the biggest and most liquid financial market in the world in terms of the daily movement of money with more than 6 trillion dollars in daily transactions.
It is the place where you can trade currencies all over the world. When you trade forex, you buy one currency and sell another. Currencies are always quote by pairs (ex : EURUSD, JPYUSD, XAUUSD …).
Flexible leverage use to profit from relatively small price changes in currency pairs. Possible to hold both long and short positions.


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About Us

Mainet is an innovative finch company committed in the development of trading solutions. We are specialized in artificial intelligence research and algotrading softwares development. We are helping to achieve new financial and personal goals by developing most advanced software to facilitate and automated process of interaction with all aspects of forex market.

  • Our Mission : become one of the leader company in the fields of trading automation
  • Our Vision : All partners using our platform should be able to achieve their financial and personal goals.
  • Our Values : Quality, Transparency and ethics


Mainet EA is the result of several years of studying the markets and programming forex trading robots. This extremely profitable EA will automatically trade 24 hours day with multiple trades per day, trading strategies based on volume analysis with accurate statistical and probabilistic research.

Mainet EA allow us to obtain positive return in all market conditions and generate daily profitable operations on the financial markets.


Maine is designed by entrepreneurs, IT specialists, professional traders and a legal department.
Founder : Ciprian Ciceu

With over 20 years of experience in entrepreneurship, management, business planning, financial analysis, software engineering, operations, and decision analysis, Ciprian Ciceu has the breadth and depth of experienceneeded to quickly understand entrepreneurs’ businesses and craft the most suitable solutions.

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Why Us


World class trading technology combined with artificial intelligence

100% profitable automated trading software (no trading skills needed)

Safest automated trading solutions to profit from the Forex market

Consistent passive income up to 400% ROI per year

2 years of backtesting and 1 year of testing in live market conditions

Accessibility: you can start trading with a minimum capital of $25

Our strong expertise and experience in the financial industry

Our Opportunity

Purchase a software license and start to generate automatic gains in the trading market with automatic compounding system.

Affiliation Program

Our affiliate program was created to reward our traders who want to promote our products and grow their own business with us. Our global coverage and excellent software will offer the clients you introduce the peace of mind because they will be joining an industry-leading provider of automated trading systems.

We believe the best advertising always comes from a satisfied customer so instead of paying high amounts in traditional advertising (tv, radio, newspaper, etc.), we prefer to invest in those who trust us and who support us in this great project. This is why we have put in place a marketing plan that pays you through your influencer marketing.